According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics: about 20% fail in their first year, and about 50% of small businesses fail in their fifth year.

While those businesses may fail for MANY reasons the PRIMARY reason all of them fail is lack of profits.

For some it may be because they are not earning it.

But for many others it is the lack of being able to hold on to the money they ARE able to earn by lack of proper profit protection.

EVEN business owners that have been in business for YEARS will make HUGE mistakes that cost them HUGE profits.

But it’s not your fault. If you are NEVER taught what to look out for, them you don’t know.

And not knowing can cause you never ending problems such as:

Going Bankrupt
IRS Audits
And even worse like we discussed before, going out of business!
Not being able to make employee payroll

 It’s TIME for you to get a handle on your business finances and we are here to help.

 For over 8 years Beyond Financial Solutions LLC has helped business owners JUST LIKE YOU hyper focus on tracking their financials so that they turn their profit from a small P to a BIG P!

Unlike other accounting firms that just look over your books and record your numbers, we actually focus on helping our clients UNDERSTAND the reasoning behind our accounting, help point out mistakes they may be making in the long run and then provide them with the education to fix those mistakes BEFORE they become a problem.

You don’t need someone who is just going to add and subtract, but in the long run not acc PROFIT to your bottom line.

We use an interactive approach to reviewing your business finances more frequently. This approach allows you to:

Become more profit focused, increasing your profit potential

Educating you on your money as you go, making it difficult for others to embezzle money from you.

Cut unnecessary spending so that you have MORE money to take home, which means MORE money for you to LIVE a better lifestyle

Focus more on tracking your expenditures, making it easier to identify deductions and save on your tax bill.

Why work hard in your business ONLY to throw it away on poor financial tracking and poor best practices?

You deserve EVERY dollar that you earn in your business, let us help you keep MORE of them.

 If you are ready to start to see MORE of your profits in YOUR business,


Being a good steward of my money is my responsibility.

Asha, You have really opened my eyes on making sure I understand where my money is going. Being a good steward of my money is my responsibility.  Thank you so much for helping me understand I need to take action now.

– E. Sherrod 

Asha did a good job showing me where my profits could be found!

Asha Stearns presented an amazing presentation on business finances. The thing that blew me away was this…. Really simple… If I pay attention to my finances I will find profit in my business. WOW! Asha did a good job showing me where my profits could be found and more importantly that stewardship is a thing.

She helped identify priorities

I have learned from Asha coaching me in my financial life, the power of paying your bills on time. While making  a discipline of what has to be taken care of. She helped identify priorities.  She reiterates the importance of who and what I give my money to. As far as my business, I’ve learned the same standards, the discipline of what is a priority.  Maintaining the structure of what is most important allows me to not spend more on creating than profiting.  Most practical and fruitful, “writing things down”, getting it out of my head and on paper.

– L.J. Rollins

You are a deliverer!

Asha Stearns you walk quietly but carry a loud message about finances. You are a deliverer to many people from ignorance when it comes to money!!

– B. Johnson